Friday, November 9, 2012

PVC Puppet Stage / Theater

Okay, the puppet team I have been thinking I am joining, keeps leaving me out of the loop.  So I am thinking they are not wanting a new member right now.  That's fine, but I have a couple ideas on my mind that I want to attempt to film.  I even have one script!  So, I need a stage.  hmmmm....

Tada!  Here's my plans

This can either be assembled 5' wide or about 10 1/2' wide depending on the need.

Here is what it looks like at 10 1/2':

And at 5' wide:

Here is a little closer detail of some of the joints, especially looking at whee I had to use 2 connected by a 2" long piece of pipe between them:

And it packs up nicely.  One bag for the 5' setup.  A second if I need the full 10 1/2'.

Arthur Smith

Friday, November 2, 2012

Puppet Patterns

This is just a bunch of patterns that I have made.  I re-took pictures of them with grids on top of them to make it easier to reproduce.  Enjoy!

 claw and horn