Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New, Monster Character Suit

Greetings again!  I am starting on a new character suit.  No, I didn't finish the dragon.  The head of the dragon was great, but I couldn't get the body to cooperate.  So instead of starting it's body over, I'm just going to tackle one that will have more potential use any how.  So...

Instead of basicaly making a big puppet head as the two previous attempts, this time I went to Walmart and in their hunting section I got a medium weight camo mask.  this is very light, breathable and draws the moisture away from you, unlike a standard ski mask which is made for warmth - the last thing you need inside a foam suit!

I then sewed in some 1" wide elastic, stretched to a snug fit as shown.  I sort of made a chin strap where the two pieces cross.

Then I started adding foam until I got a shape I was happy with.

Note, If you want an articulated mouth. when attaching the lower jaw, only attach it to the mask.  Do not attach it to the rest of the foam.

To help this more, I also took some 14gague wire and ran it around the lower lip to keep its shape, then down so it fits over my jaw. 

These two steps make it so when I move my jaw, the character's jaw moves. Not great, but well enough.  Had I made bigger gaps, or used a smaller, more couture jaw, the movement would have been even more pronounced.

I found some yarn that was curly and easily frayed.  I cut a board about 10" wide and wrapped it around and around the board.  Then I cut one end and sewed a line down the middle to keep it together. 

I covered the foam with fur for a better background and covered the fur with spray glue.  then I just layed the yarn strips on it.

The foam that is still exposed is going to be covered in latex.  Then I am going to add the eyes and vents over the nostrils that I can see through.  And he will get some horns as well.  Then comes the body!  But I have 2-3 more rod-arm puppets that need my attention too.  So, more later!


  1. any updates on the "New, Monster Character Suit?" The jaw looks cool! Thank you!

    1. He is finished. Sort of. I have never got the jaw to work quite right. The method I used, is more for a much smaller head piece. There may simply be too much mass on this one.

      I was hoping to actually use this one as a walk-around character at Renaissance Festivals this year. However this Spring, I got thrown from a 1800# draft horse, into a wall, then had my leg stomped on and crushed as he tried to run away. So I spent most of the Renn faire season either in a wheelchair or on crutches. So I haven't picked he head back up to really try too much more.

      You can see him here: