Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Body variations

Just a short note here.  I use the same pattern on most of the bodies I make.

I like this because it has shape and shoulders built into the pattern, which makes attaching the arms easy.  However, this pattern can be easily altered.

In this picture, I have made the cutout much smaller.  This still leaves me the shape for the shoulders.  I added a horizontal cutout (dart) below the cutout and a vertical one at the bottom.  I also added half of a vertical cutout on each edge where the two halves glue together.

When glued up, this changes the body from a slim puppet body to a full-figured puppet body.  Same basic pattern, two different bodies.

I will add some foam to this to pad it out even more, but this gives me a much better shape to start my puppet out with.


Using the altered shape, adding a little padding and you now have...

No, not Homer's head, a full figured femme's torso!

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  1. I really like it! I started one yesterday for muy puppet of hellboy