Friday, September 28, 2012

Daly Design part 3 - mouth, tongue, hair, eyes, eyebrows

Now comes the easy part!


Take a piece of paper and hold it against the mouth plate.  Use your finger to trace an indent all around the lip.

Cut it out and make sure it fits the mouth opening, covers the exposed cardboard but not the lip.

Cut the patterns out of the colored felt you wish to use in the mouth.

Spray glue the side that attaches to the mouth plate.

Stick in place

Cutout a small piece of 1/4" foam, slightly larger than the tongue shape you wish to use.

Glue the edges of the tongue to the bottom mouth plate.  This will give you a nice rounded shape with smooth edges.  Now mix up a small bit of latex in the color you wish the tongue to be and carefully do a few coats.


Spray glue a piece of felt to be used for eyebrows and fold it over on itself.

Cut out brows.  Small like above for male puppets.  For female puppets.  Make them wider and cut lashes into them.

Glue them over the top of the ping pong balls as desired.  Spray glue a piece of black string (I used embroidery floss) and use it to line the bottom of the eye.  Notice how the left eye pops verses the right eye with this little addition.


You can use a wig, yarn, fake fur, feather boa, etc for hair.  In this example I took a long, cheap wig and cut strips out of it.  Cut these into lengths twice as long as you want the hair to be.  Fold the hair in half and find where it has to attach to be the bottom length you want.

Hot glue an area about 3/4"-1" long and stick the fold of the hair down.  Put a couple lines of hot glue across the top of the loop to help catch all the hairs.

Continue this around until you have the bottom row done.  Move up the head about 3/4"-1" and start another row.  

When you get to the very top, you wont want to put the top lines of hot glue across the top of the loop or they will be seen.  One trick is to place the hot edge of the glue gun across it to melt the glue before and it should soak up enough to hold the hair in place.

Trim hair so it looks nice

Finished Head

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