Thursday, September 27, 2012

Daly Puppet Method part 2 - Applying the Latex

We had part 2 of our class - Applying the Latex.
First, you will need supplies.

You will need Liquid Latex, acrylic paint, a container to mix it in and a brush to apply it with.

Pour latex in a container along with a bit of paint and stir.  Then simply paint it on.

Don't worry about getting it on the eyes or mouth plate

Where there are gaps, simply build up the latex to fill them in.  You'll notice in the above picture that you can really see the pores in the foam.  Let the latex dry (a hair dryer can speed it up) and add more coats.

2 coats

4 coats

Now for some shading...

You will need a pallet.  This can be a pallet you get at a craft store or a simple piece of cardboard.  I found ice trays 2 for $1 at a dollar Store.

Put some of the extra, colored latex in one section and add a drop of paint (hint: I used way too much paint!).  Don't use black.  try blue and red for a more natural look.   Mix it and lightly brush on the nose, creases, cheeks,etc.

Once this all drys, we go back to the eyes.  Remember I said not to worry about getting latex on the eyes?

Take a sharp knife and cut around the edge of the eye.  Hard enough that you get through the latex, but not enough to cut into the eye.

Now just peel the latex off the eye.

 Here is the basic head.  I'll start with details soon.  

Also, here is the dragon with the same done to him.

Next: Mouth, teeth, pupils and hair


  1. Great!!!! I dare not latex .... You did a terrific job, congratulations .. I love your method. Is elastic enough?

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  3. to open and close mouth. Sorry for my English, I do what I can. :-)

  4. No worries. It works great. He is the most expressive puppet I have made.

  5. They both look great, and i cant wait to see what they look like with more detail!! you are making this look so easy.