Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Too much time

Okay, it has been a week since my first lesson and 5 days since finishing the head with the techniques I learned and posted.  FAR too long for a guy with ADD!! So I started another puppet based on the same techniques: a dragon.  I am not going to go into as great detail on the steps as they really are the same as the previous post.  Here he is.

Same basic start, just an elongated mouth

Cut out like before

Cover in scrap fabric and cutout as before

Spry glue foam on as before and cut in basic head shape

Fold lips 180 degrees over and down to mouth board as before.

The jaw was formed the same as before using the pie-shaped cuts to round it.  Most the detail (cheeks, snout ridges, Nostril and eye brows) were made using the same technique as the cheeks on the previous puppet head.  The eyes are still ping pong balls as are the nostrils themselves.

The eyelids are just double thick felt pieces.  The horns are simple cones with diamond-shaped cutouts where I wanted each one to bend.

(cone used for horns)
Pattern for basic body.  The right edge is a 'fold' and becomes the middle of the chest. So pattern should be doubled
Added neck (simple tube just big enough for hand to slip through) and padding for legs, chest and rump.

I plan on building a fake arm that he will perch on like this.

The wings will just wrap around (I think)

I built the arms out of 2 layers of 1/2 foam.  Between each layer I added a little strip of fabric to act as a hinge to add more flex to the arms.

Arms pinned in place

Ok, now to wait for tonight's lesson...

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  1. Great!! I'm thinking of starting a dragon cause in here, Catalunya, we celebrate Dt George's day, and the most representative icone of the day is a ver big and green dragon....
    Very very nice work!!